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Well, no regret about the Trippen shoes since I finally got my grandfather's insurance money! I woke up on Tuesday with a migraine (I'm kicking myself because on Monday night I was shivery and exhausted and that was most definitely the aura. Taking a triptan before bed would probably have saved me a headache, quite literally). We had planned to go to the Petit Bain birthday party/KVB/Oiseaux Tempête that night but I felt like as usual the migraine would probably cripple me for a few days.

I took a triptan as soon as I could in the morning and then was knocked down by exhaustion. And... then I refreshed my bank account and shazam! Monies! I know now the remedy to my migraine: getting a big chunk of cash. Might be difficult to put to use, but let's say the excitement compensated quite fairly for the exhaustion. Weird but not bad at all! So after telling Clémentine to find a concert buddy if she could (which she luckily did), I told her we could meet up for drinks at the Petit Bain deck (which is free access).


So we met and had a pint, and then the concert didn't seem like such a bad idea after all. So I bought another ticket and went! I wish I had the opportunity to be that carefree and improvise more often. We had a lovely time, Clementine, her male best friend and I. Didn't see a lot of the concerts in fact. Ate fries, chatted, just all around nice.

Out and about

Yesterday I met again with Clémentine for a shopping spree. :)

We met at Sèvre Babylone, to go to the Marlies Dekkers shop. Well, turns out it doesn't exist anymore. Hah. So we walked in Paris, up to Saint Germain, then Saint Michel, where we visited the Un Regard Moderne book store. It's an insane store with thousands of books piled up seemingly randomly. Pretty hard to navigate (put your bag down somewhere). Lots of weird, indie, dark, kinky stuff. I bought a lovely (and oh boy, huge) red Val Denham screen print (in fact the very cover of that book). I might hang it in the bedroom, near the window. It would be smashing in the living room but I didn't realise how big it was! :D

I also bought some black toothpaste tablets at Lush. Boom! Love these. We then walked towards l'île Saint Louis (making a stop at Shakespeare & co and their coffee house). Then we wandered in Le Marais and found a little passage leading to a maze of courtyards with a few shops and restaurants. Amazing. So quiet. In the centre of Paris. It's called Le Village Saint Paul, and, as a plaque told me, it used to be Charles V's private garden. I definitely need to go back.

Then we went through Bastille, I bought a weird top in an outlet store (two circles in knit viscose, sewn together with holes for the neck and arms, cool). We went through another super cute village-like passage (cour Damoye). So many secret places in Paris! :)

We stopped by a small lingerie shop which stocked a bit of Marlies so I could figure out my size, even though I didn't buy anything. The owner was a lovely woman, and self-proclaimed medium. We talked shop (quite literally) as she saw I knew my shit when it comes to lingerie, so I explained HMS, and she was super interested and suggested we might work together. I don't know about that, but I gave her my email address. Talking can't hurt. She also saw that I have a very positive aura, with strong good values. *shrug* Thanks, I guess? :)

Then we walked towards Père Lachaise to make a stop at the Souffle Continu record store. But we passed a street, rue Pache, and my brain clicked. I had no idea where it was and turns out I passed it dozen times recently! So we made a turn and visited the beautiful gourmet food shop my friend Aurélie opened a few months ago. I hadn't seen her in a long while, and had meant to pop by for weeks. It was so nice seeing her again, and admiring the product of her hard work. It's a lovely, cosy place, with lots of great interesting products (including seasoned roasted crickets!), beer, chocolate, preserves... We had a beer and chatted for a while. I stocked up on chocolate and we all went our separate ways. I need to go back with Math, for lunch maybe?

I went on my way home to Souffle Continu and bought a couple of records. A lovely, tiny white cat has adopted the store, and came around after I arrived. Oh my. I miss cat headbumps so bad. I browsed records as she rubbed against my hands, and listened to new stuff as she plopped on the CD player and showed me her belly. It's not like I needed an extra incentive to go to the store often. :) I bought "Too" by Klara Lewis, on the owner's recommendation (neat dark ambient) and got a little something for Math.

Wow, I'm exhausted today. That was quite a walk! I think I managed to avoid sunburns, despite my going out with no hat or sunscreen, like a dumbass.


I've uploaded a new mix. I've had good feedback so far (I'm really interested in critique, as i don't really know what I'm doing, tbh)

These days I've been listening to Boy Harsher, Ash Code, Geistform, Kite, Tiamat, and Ari Mason. it's interesting how Mason's record left me cold when it came out, and had me fall in love 30 sec in when I tried again a few days ago. So sensual, honest, captivating. There's something quite IAMXy to it, and her voice is wonderful.

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