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03 July 2016 @ 09:16 am
Daily things: day out, shopping, Trippen, Mondkopf  
Out and about

We spent a wonderful day out yesterday with Math. Just walking and talking (and spending money, oops). I had been drooling over Trippen's website for ages, and so I asked Math if he would like to go to the flagship with me so I could try on some. It is located near République so we could walk there. The idea at first was to figure out my size, and make sure they were comfy because I would probably have to order mine. See, the brand doesn't do ephemeral collection, they keep everything in their catalog. The shoes are handmade in Germany, by people paid decent wages, using beautiful leather. They have a little stock but you can also special order any design, in many different colours, it's just amazing. It's a little bit pricey (250-300€ for most models) but rather cheap when you consider how they're made! I love practically all of their design. It's all so creative and original.

Well, I had a quick look online before leaving and, eep!, found another store near Les Halles that supposedly had the model I was dreaming about in stock. I couldn't reach them by phone, so we decided to go to the flagship anyway, just to see everything, and then to possibly (lol) go to the other store.

The woman at the flagship was lovely, she helped me find my size, talked me through the specificity of all the models (a collection mean it's a new sole, and they all feel very different). I learnt that you can actually have many models re-soled once they're worn out! Wow.

Math also tried a pair, since he had the opportunity. :) And so, they indeed didn't have the one I wanted so we left. We walked back towards Couronnes to visit a record shop Math had spotted and the owner foraged in his bins and found us a copy of Hadès by Mondkopf so we had to buy it! I mean, it's one of my favourite records from the past few years, and I love the artwork. Can we talk about how stressful it is to carry a record around with you, especially in the metro! Fragile bby!

We ended up taking the metro to Les Halles and lo and behold, the store in question had MY shoes. :P And they were a little bit cheaper than on the brand website! I haven't received my grand-father's insurance money yet (although I've been told that it was definitely on its way) so it was really not reasonable to splurge like that, but hey, it felt great (and I do have the funds, so).

Then we popped by Math's favourite sneakers shop so he could try on several (his needs replacing very bad) and we visited the local beer shop where we bought several things (mostly stouts), some we love, some to try.

Here are my feet, eep!

(no, not summer shoes. :D Look, it's 17°C outside today)

Now I have to get ready to go to Holybelly meet friends!
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