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20 June 2016 @ 05:38 pm
Daily things: trip to Lyon  


I'm okay. My throat is still sore, seeing the doc tomorrow. Maybe anti-histaminic would help, rather than antibiotics? We'll see.

I feel very thankful for my friends, old friends, new friends that I'm getting to know better. And for Math, whose connection felt even stronger while we went through the heartbreak of losing Punky. We don't always react and express our emotions the same, but deep down, we experience such events in very similar ways. We understand each other and we can truly share our every thoughts, even the most uncomfortable ones.

Out and about

Clémentine and I went to Lyon for a couple of days. We were supposed to see Blush Response live but unfortunately the concert was cancelled (it's just postponed since he'll be playing in Paris in a couple of months). We stayed with [personal profile] crazybutsound  and [personal profile] snakeling , and [personal profile] anatsuno came over too. Clémentine didn't know them well but I think she had a lovely time, so did I.

On Friday night, vrittis came over and we spent the evening in, chatting (we were supposed to go out to a bar but everyone felt rather lazy, me included!) It was great seeing him. It's funny how you can know people for years before you actually feel like you get to know them.

On Saturday, we went for a stroll in the center of town. The weather was not too bad, considering how terrible it's been for the past weeks. We all went to the Fnac and of course I bought a record (I meant to buy it in Paris but !LIMITED!).

I also got tons of cat cuddles at my friends' and I miss these so much. I know I need more time, but I enjoyed the company of my friends' cats a lot. :)


The past few days, I listened a lot to The Devil & The Universe, Ash Code, Tempers, Tiamat, Essaie Pas, Kontravoid. I've also been really moved by this track by my friend Baptiste:


I wrote porn again! It's a submissive fantasy, so read it or don't. ;)
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Current Music: Chez Monplaisir: Quand Nous Partirons