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29 May 2016 @ 03:01 pm
Daily things: Netrunner, Souffle Continu, Victor Victoria  
Out and about

We had a lovely day out yesterday with Math, despite the rain. We went to a game shop to buy Netrunner extensions, then walked a bit to the record shop near Père Lachaise. I was hoping to spend a little time listening to new stuff but unfortunately they had issues with their headphones or turntable. I still bought Neophobia by Sturqen and Math bought two records by Tom Waits. :) Then we walked home via Cream to get a delicious coffee.


Apart from Struqen, we listened to Cevello Elettronico, Huren, Schwefelgelb, Orphx and some new stuff on Bandcamp that I shall buy in a couple of days. 

I also purchased the new Blush Response and Codex Empire EPs at Aufnahme+Wiedergabe, and the upcoming Impulse Controls (Ontal+Blush Response, oh my) at Instrument Of Discipline.


We finally watched Victor Victoria with Math. He had never seen it, and I rewatched it with great joy. Julie Andrews is magnificent.

Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Hante - Noir