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27 May 2016 @ 10:46 pm
Daily things: Hante, Blush response, photos with Clément, Hush  

I'm well! I saw my GP yesterday and she was pleased to see me doing good. She said jokingly she should see me less often (but still wrote me a script for only one months *eyeroll*)

I'm working out hard with my PT. No pain, just sweat. :)


I've received the Hante LP this morning. I have listened to it a lot already and it is really pretty, so I thought I should buy it. :) A bit sad that I missed her show last week. Oh well. It's funny, but since the Teenage Menopause night with Essaie Pas, I find myself listening to a lot of francophone music, when I had a really hard time with most, not so long ago. Essaie Pas has really grown on me, and the last album from Peine Perdue is really good.

I've been listening to loads of Blush Response too (going to Lyon to see him live in a few weeks, whee), Blac Kolor, Ontal, Sarin...



Here are the photos I took of Clément. Nudes, just in case your boss is around and doesn't enjoy the sight of a surprise penis. (clicky)


Ah! I've been struggling on the drop crotch trousers I am making with the black and rust tartan. They came out a wee small, and I've had to unpick the belt twice. Le sigh. They're... not great. The fabric is pretty fragile too and will probably get snagged at the first occasion. Oh well. I might alter them some more until I manage to get something satisfying out of them. I was bound to sew a failed project anyway!


Yesterday, I watched Hush, by the guy who directed Absentia (and Occulus, which I haven't seen and am not sure I can). I liked it, overall. It is a home invasion movie, and the main protagonist is deaf, and it feels like a rather exploitative premise. I was iffy at first, but turns out her hearing impairment isn't the center of the movie in the sense that the intruder doesn't focus particularly on it, and she is totally badass, in a clever and composed way (and quite stunning too). So I'd recommend it (TW for flashing lights, and implied rape threat once). Also, Mike Flanagan, the director, doesn't like jump scares. I can't swear there aren't any, because I don't mind them (although they are 99.9% of the time very cheap and lazy).
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