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23 May 2016 @ 06:42 pm
Daily things: Xeno & Horrorist concert, It Follows  

I got rid of strep after 3 weeks, finally! It was never too bad, but a bit scary.


We went to see Peine Perdue, The Horrorist and Xeno & Oaklander live on Friday night, Clémentine and I. We met Lawbenstriel and Clément there. I chatted a few minutes with Oliver too, finally. Peine Perdue was good, I like their new album. I was a bit underwhelmed by Oliver after his show at Cabaret Sauvage last time. It was just so early! So the audience was a lot less responsive. I did take tons of pictures though and they're different, a bit more action, a bit rougher. Xeno was honestly not my thing so we went on the roof with Clémentine to stare at the sky and get drunk.

We went, Clementine, Lawbenstriel, Clement & I, to the afterparty and proceeded to get pretty drunk and dance to EBM classics and newer stuff too (yay!). It was a nice evening, although not exactly how I expected it, and I am sad I missed Mlada Fronta and Hante in another part of the city.


I watched It Follows (twice actually! Once when Math was away, and once again today with him).

There was a huge controversy on French feminist blogs when it was released. Reading such wildly contradictory reviews back then made me file it under "I don't know, maybe not" but somehow it cropped back up on my radart.

I really liked it. It's a beautiful tribute to Carpenter, with heavy nods to other horror classics, and a strong Sofia Coppola flavour (both thematically and visually). There are a lot of very subtle clues in the movie (I do not recommend watching it while faffing about like I did the first time because I missed things).

The plot is paper thin, but that leaves more space for certain themes to develop (teenage sexuality, becoming an adult, STDs, parental neglect and abuse).

To address the elephant in the room, I find it odd to condemn a movie for being sexist when it is about sexism. That's how I read it anyway. Yes, the young women in the movie are sexualised and objectified. And while their male counterpart aren't, they are depicted as constantly objectifying women. I don't think it's an accident.

It's a movie about becoming an adult and navigating society's expectations about gender roles. I don't think the objectification of women there as gratuitous at all. It would be like saying that Virgin Suicides (the parallel is quite easy) is a sexist movie when it's a movie about the male gaze.

Anyway, I recommend it. It's slow, scary and rather paranoia inducing.

As far as TW go, there's one sex scene that is disturbing, and an assault scene that you see coming and which I didn't mind it too much, for what it's worth. I can tell more with spoilers in the comments if anyone asks.

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Just Redjustred on May 23rd, 2016 10:04 pm (UTC)
I didn't find it demeaning as a woman. As you pointed out, it is about sexism and gender roles in society. Even the "nice guy" trope was in there. I liked the story, with the fill in the blank sentiment.