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08 May 2016 @ 02:13 pm
Daily things: SCHWEFELGELB!!  

I'm feeling pretty energetic these days. Throat is better (although I yelled a lot last night lol).


Schwefelgelb!! OMG. They were so. amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect tbh but they were delightful (despite quite a few technical problems) and delivered an absolutely perfect show. Just, wow. The crowd was crazy too (turns out I knew Schwefel fans and didn't even know it). 

Ame De Boue and The Wheal were good too. Pretty short set. The room started getting pretty packed for Schwefelgelb and I took some photos (strobes, so much strobes, ugh) but soon, the heat became rather intense and my lens got all foggy. Everyone started stripping in the front rows. I put my camera away and danced like I rarely do (front row slamming!). I almost passed out twice by the end. The set was quite long and super intense. :D I was surprisingly not in pain from taking pictures or lugging my backpack around. Just, good times.

Gallery here

Bonus dorkface with Eddy:


Listened to Liste Noire, ∆AIMON, Autoclav 1.1, The Virgin Prunes...


Yesterday, Math, [personal profile] anatsuno  and I rewatched Cuisine Et Dépendances. Classic. Doesn't get old, really. They started watching Un Air De Famille but I had to leave for the concert. 
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