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03 May 2016 @ 12:05 pm
Daily things: dyeing, Bosch, Le Seigneur Des Porcheries  

I'm not dying from strep throat! It's only laryngitis, but boy is it painful at night (during the day I'm fine). I am working at the fabric shop tomorrow and I should be fine. I'll try not to kiss any customer on the mouth. :P

I was pretty much a champ yesterday and managed to see the doctor to get my throat checked (harder than it sounds, all the doctors are bloody gone right now), call and get all the infos about how to be in the clear for my grand-father's insurance money, do some dyeing and knit a fair bit.


Started the day with Mr.Kitty and Encephalon, did some dyeing to Manic Panic. :)


I started watching Bosch, and I'm considering resuming watching Person Of Interest (no clue where I left it at, might start at beginning of season 3).


I dyed my third Viajante black and dyed two DK skeins for my Askews Me Dickie (one solid black, one deep teal).


Just started re-reading The Lord Of The Barnyard. It's as good as I remembered. :)
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Jean Marc Lederman Experience: 04 Never Take Fire Featuring Ghost & Writer